AMPLE! Crowd Sale Participation Process

This article will explain the process for participating in the AMPLE! Crowd Sale using MyEtherWallet. 
This article will explain the process for participating in the AMPLE! Crowd Sale using MyEtherWallet (the process to purchase AMPLE! Coins). Pre-sales and token sales follow the same process.

■ Overall Process

  1. Purchase Ethereum from a virtual currency exchange.
  2. Open a MyEtherWallet account.
  3. Send the Ethereum purchased from the exchange to your MyEtherWallet.
  4. Send Ethereum from your MyEtherWallet to AMPLE.

1. Purchase Ethereum from a virtual currency exchange

※ Proceed to step 2 if you have already purchased Ethereum.

(1) Open an account (for those who have yet to open an exchange account)
Open a exchange account that handles Ethereum, such as Bitfinex, bitFlyer etc. Upon doing so, you will be asked to confirm your identification and address. Please follow the instructions for each exchange to complete this procedure.

(2) Deposit of fund
Deposit the necessary fund to purchase Ethereum into your exchange account.
※ Deposit methods vary based on exchange.

(3) Purchase Ethereum
Purchase the necessary amount of Ethereum using the fund you deposited. You may only participate in the AMPLE! Crowd Sale with Ethereum. Please be advised that you will be unable to purchase AMPLE! Coins with other forms of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

2. Open a MyEtherWallet Account

※ Proceed to step 3 if you already have an account.
(1) Open a MyEtherWallet account
Access MyEtherWallet. Enter your password and click the "Create New Wallet" button.

(2) Save the Keystore file
When the message pops up, click "Download Keystore File (UTC/JSON)" and save the file.

Do not lose the downloaded file or share it with anyone. If lost, you will not be able to withdraw your assets, or they may be illegally used by a third party. Treat it as you would you PIN for your bank account.
Once the download is complete, click "I understand. Continue." to proceed.

(3) Save your private key
When the message below pops up, copy the key and save it in a safe place, such as a protected text file. (The key is the long strings of text that appear in the area filled with orange.)

Do not lose this key or share it with anyone. (The same reasons apply as for the Keystore file previously downloaded) Once you have saved your key, click the "Save Your Address →" button.

(4) Open your wallet
From the screen below, you can open your wallet using the Keystore file you just downloaded or your private key. The figure below shows the wallet being opened using a private key. By entering your key and clicking the "Unlock" button you will gain access to your wallet.

(5) Make a memo of your own wallet address
Upon opening your wallet your wallet address will be displayed. (This address is similar to a bank account number)
The next step will cover the remittance destination for sending Ethereum.

3. Send the Ethereum purchased from the exchange to your MyEtherWallet

(1) Perform remittance processing from the exchange
Perform remittance processing from the exchange you purchased Ethereum from in step 1. For the remittance destination, select your wallet address.
Please send the necessary amount of Ethereum for the AMPLE! Token Sale to your MyEtherWallet.
※ Please don't send Ethereum to AMPLE! directly from the exchange. You will lose your Ethereum. Please be sure to send Ethereum from your MyEtherWallet.

(2) Confirm that the Ethereum has been sent to your MyEtherWallet
Please check the "My Account Balance" in your MyEtherWallet to confirm remittance has been completed. If your wallet is closed, please open it again using your key. It can take time for remittance to complete. If you find that your account balance hasn't changed, please wait an hour and check again.

4. Send Ethereum from your MyEtherWallet to AMPLE

(1) Confirm the address for sending remittance to AMPLE!
Access AMPLE!'s Sales Page and click "JOIN ICO."

Please confirm the contents of the box that pops up by checking the box beside each item and selecting, "Continue" when you are done.

AMPLE!'s remittance address will be displayed so please copy this address. The address is the long string of text located in the orange area of the figure below.

(2) Transfer Ethereum from your MyEtherWallet
Access your MyEtherWallet and select the option to Send Ether/tokens. Feel free to open your wallet via your preferred method.

Upon opening your wallet the following screen will be displayed.
In the "To Address" section enter/paste AMPLE!'s remittance address. In the "Amount to Send" section enter the amount of Ethereum you will send. In the "Gas Limit" section enter "200000".Finally, confirm by hitting the "Generate Transaction" button.

If "Raw Transaction" / "Signed Transaction" appears, click the "Send Transaction" button.

The following screen will pop up.
Carefully confirm that the destination and amount is correct and hit the "Yes. I am sure! Make transaction." button. With that, remittance to AMPLE! will be complete.

(3) Confirm that you have received your AMPLE! Coins
Upon completion of remittance, it usually only takes a few minutes for AMPLE! Coins to be sent to your wallet. However, to confirm your AMPLE! Coin balance in your MyEtherWallet you must first make the following changes to your settings. After making the following changes, please confirm that you have received your AMPLE! Coins.
In the lower right hand area of the Send Ether/Tokens Sending screen click the "Add Custom Token" button.

Enter "0xbfd16e47a1b6ad4adbe7ab2a1cb624c6c8b1bc3d" in the "Token Contract Address" section; enter "ACO" in the "Token Symbol" section; and enter "18" in the "Decimals" section. Finally, click "Save."
Once this is completed you will be able to confirm your AMPLE! Coin balance.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us at, acoin@ample-cosplay.com
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